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LinkedIn: How to Use It to Your Advantage

In our Windy City Access learning environment, we discuss the importance of networking with our team members. While we provide them with ample opportunities to meet key business and industry leaders, we also encourage them to use social media and other avenues to build their professional networks. Here are some ways that we can use LinkedIn, the platform for professional profiles, to our advantage:

• Build Our Brands: Our LinkedIn profiles are more than just pictures and résumés. They’re our venues in which to build our personal brands. In our Windy City Access training, we work with team members to uncover the professional identities they want to showcase to the world. This platform allows us to create an online image of ourselves for the business world to see.

• Build Connections Through Groups: Many professionals have found their voices through online groups, especially industry-themed ones found on LinkedIn. In our Windy City Access office, we discuss ways in which to position ourselves as thought leaders. These groups can provide us with an avenue to showcase our talents and connect with others who share our passions.

• Find and Track Leads: Perhaps one of the most recognized values of using LinkedIn for networking is how easy it is to find job leads or potential clients.

Getting the most from social media platforms can increase our visibility. Follow us on http://linkedin.com/company/windy-city-access for more networking tips.