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One Question to WOW Interviewers (and How to Use It)

In our Windy City Access interview process, we’ve noted that candidate questions can often be the determining factor in which individuals we hire. There’s one question we find especially impressive when it comes from an applicant.

What red flags do you see with my résumé or skills that I can answer for you now?

While on the surface, this question might appear negative, in reality, it’s brilliant for multiple reasons. First, it suggests that the candidate seeks to overcome objections rather than leave questions unanswered. This practice aligns well with our Windy City Access campaign approach, in which we look to provide consumers with any information that can help them make an informed buying decision. Since an interview is about selling ourselves, this question is highly appropriate. It provides hiring managers with a reason to address any reservations and not miss out on a perfect candidate.

Another factor we’ve discussed in our Windy City Access meetings is feedback. By posing this question, a candidate can elicit raw feedback from an interviewer who might be slightly taken aback by the question and hence answer off the top of his or her head. Even if we don’t secure the job, the intel we’ve gathered can help us improve for future opportunities.

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